These days in the Information Technology industry, the fine line between Developer and Entrepreneur is being erased. In the knowledge economy it is no longer enough to have technology skills, but you must also demonstrate business knowledge as well as an understanding of user behavior and the ability to be a self-starter.

Developer & Research Consultant

As a freelance developer I taught myself LAMP development and worked with a large number of APIs.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

I took it upon myself to explore the business side of technology with hands-on development of a new business idea, business plan, company and web application. While the business is not performing much better than break-even (on the good months), building it from the ground up (with lots of help and generosity of friends & family, and some looong nights) was an extremely worthwhile educational experience which has helped me grow as a person and prepared me for just about the toughest situation imaginable.


Personal Development & Lifelong Learning

Semantic Web
My Interest in the Semantic Web stems from the personal belief that we truly can make people's lives better by more adequately sharing information, content and resources. The Semantic Web aims to provide access to the data required to make new analyses and conclusions that change the way we look at the world, and has the power to change people's lives.

Mobile TV
My interest in Mobile TV as a domain for Semantic modelling came about from my Master's Thesis and studies at IUJ. TV is the second most widespread communications technology, second only to the Mobile phone. The combination of these two technologies to acheive audio visual rich media delivery to an adaptble device; anytime, anywhere, offers up amazing potential for advancing the human understanding.


Possessing the potential for motion or change.


Moving images and sounds transmitted over a distance.

Mobile TV

Moving images and sounds transmitted over a distance, to a device possesing the potential for motion or further adaptability of the transmitted images and sounds.

Monetization Tools
How to fairly and sustainably exchange value for goods or services rendered online (or processed online and delivered in the real-world) in order to foster the digital economy is one of the largest problems society faces in the 21st Century other than the potential Environmental & Energy problems. In fact, we may find the ideal solution lies in a sound approach to all three. In the meantime, we have some common tools which can be used to represent today's valuation of goods and services online, and I have experience working with each of the following solutions:

  1. Google
    • AdSense
    • AdWords
    • DoubleClick
    • AdMob
  2. Microsoft Bing adCenter
  3. Yahoo! Publisher Network
  4. LongTail - OpenVideo Ads
  5. OpenX (formerly OpenAds)
  6. LinkShare
  7. CommissionJunction
  8. Rubicon Project
  9. HEAVY Interactives
  10. Facebook Adverts & Credits
  1. Amazon
    • Product Advertising API
    • Omakase
    • aStore
  2. eBay Developer program
    • MyAuctions
    • Kijiji
  3. iTunes
  1. PayPal
  2. 2checkout
  3. MoneyBookers


Enterprise (Consulting)

  • xwave / JD Irving: Software Development Consultation on major upgrade project for online presence of three of J.D. Irving's flagship newspapers: The Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, NB), The Times & Transcript (Moncton, NB), The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton, NB). In this role I researched and developed numerous new features for JD Irving's Brunswick News Interactive division. The contract was awarded to my personal company BCmoney MobileTV via long-time enterprise IT consulting firm xwave, which was acquired by Bell in January 2011 in the middle of my contract. This was my first big contract where I was hired solely on the merits of the hard work I've put into my example social media sharing portal, and the project lead at JDI was quoted as saying: "...we're hoping you can bring a little of that BCmoney Social Media magic to the TJonline (project)".
    JD Irving
    For specific work examples, see TJonline widgets (widgets 1-14)


  • OpenRecommender: Long-term personal project to create the world's best Open Source Recommendation Engine.
  • BCmoney MobileTV: Mobile Video-sharing portal based on the concept of BCmoney (points-based rewards) and better content categorization through the Mobile TV ontology, to improve content sharing and interaction via personalized recommendations on PCs, TVs and Mobile devices.
    BCmoney MobileTV
  • Mobile TV (ontology): Prototype ontology to model Television content delivered to a Mobile Device, as a candidate domain for the Semantic Web.
  • BCmoney: Theoretical project on the value of creating a virtual currency and rewards system for the web.
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic chapter: Crawl for the Cure - A Fundraiser for the CBCF.
    Every weekend of every week, of every month of every semester, College kids go out with their friends for some drinks and have a good time to unwind from classes (sorry parents, this is a known fact). Colleges also informally organize drinking related events for students, for example "game nights", "karaoke nights" & "trivia nights" at the campus pub, or, the infamous "Pub Crawl" (the later rarely if ever being officially sanctioned by any University, and much more haphazzardly thrown together by student representatives or house leaders). Imagine if this particularly Atlantic custom were made into a porperly organized, promoted and run event which could be used to raise funds for a worthy cause. This was the premise of "Crawl for the Cure". A strong desire to find some disorder and purpose out of the borderline destructive and meaningless (yet undeniably entertaining, when done responsibly) Pub Crawl. What started as a group of friends who wanted to see if it was actually possible to "drink to a good cause", eventually became the largest charity pub crawl of its kind in Atlantic Canada, inspiring East Coast Pub Crawls and a number of other initiatives which began following this "don't just get drunk, have a great time and raise money doing it!". All of the $18,500+ raised over 6 years of the event went directly to the CBCF Atlantic Chapter. While its hard to get an exact figure on how much promotional efforts and reports of the odd event in local news outlets also helped raise awareness or additional contributions to CBCF, but there has certainly been an immense increase in the number of independent fundraisers for CBCF. (Probably unrelated but more of a reflection of the public's insistence on finding a cure for this disease).

    Over its 6 year history, the event itself was called Amazing Race For The Cure but would affectionately be refered to as "Crawl for the Cure" over its 6 year history. I feel that it accomplished its goal of raising both funds and awareness, as well as motivating similar fundraising initiatives.
    Amazing Race For The Cure


  • Bahamas Internet Conference 2011: Integrating HTML5 video + Flash fallback into an existing website template.
    Bahamas Internet Conference 2011
  • MillionaireAt24: MillionaireAt24 is a project to document success cases and provide coaching and motivational material to aspiring Business owners and Entrepreneurs. They needed an upgrade to their YouTube-based upload process and also wanted to follow the latest video standards, so I created:
    • a Flash-based Playlist upload feature
    • an implementation of JW HTML5 Beta + JW MediaPlayer as a Flash fallback
    • Import/Export via Valid XSPF (XML) playlist format

  • ReachWithME: ReachWithME (James Hersch's professional music store & blog) James wanted a Media section on his site to offer his Music demos in an open format using the latest industry standards. HTML5 using OGG vorbis audio compression, with the usual MP3 audio and Flash player as a backup for non-HTML5 compliant browsers.
    Reach With Me
  • Absolute Car Care: Absolute Car Care is a Canadian Automotive supplies & accessories retailer owned by Mike and Peter Brown in Moncton, New Brunswick. They needed a quick turnaround time (2-5 weeks) on a fully featured E-commerce web presence and Content Management System. I went with the following open source tools so-as to meet their primary requirement of their site's software being royalty free annually, while also sastisfying their second requirement, which was to have it done ASAP.
    • Joomla 1.5
    • VirtueMart (with CanadaPost & UPS shipping calculator extensions)
    • CommunityBuilder
    • jEvents
    • VideosReloaded

    Absolute Car Care
  • XmasListz: XmasListz is a Facebook application originally created in 2007, just before the Facebook App craze really started to take off. It was originally deloped using FBML but recently updated to make use of the simpler iFrame option as FBML/FQL begin to be phased out as Open Graph Protocol is phased in (according to the Facebook Development Roadmap FBML apps will no longer be accepted except from private partners as of Q1-2011).
  • Calorie King & CalorieQueen: CalorieQueen is a food management system that displays the nutrition facts for foods. You can download the USDA Food Database which has thousands of foods for starters, and start working with CalorieQueen immediately. The owner came to me with an idea to add an AJAX search function to have "search suggestions" appear as each letter was typed in by a user searching the database. Later, I also added stylesheet changes to improve the look of the "Nutrition labels" which ended up in CalorieKing (a commercial version of CalorieQueen).
    Calorie King & Queen
  • iFutbal: iFutbal was an audience-driven video site dedicated to the most popular sport in the world, European Football / Soccer. For the first time, soccer fans were able to browse and consume thousands of user-submitted videos and share their own content with friends or the entire community easily and conveniently on a single soccer-devoted Web 2.0 content portal. After having done significant web design and server-side customization development, iFutbal was acquired by SoccerLens.
    iFutbal *acquired* (link to wayback machine, may not render well)


  1. TJonline Templates: Rapid prototyped mock-up of the new site's wireframes (implemented a difficult design in just a few hours using BluePrint CSS framework for layout).
  2. Browser Support Tests: Browser compatibility tests and checks for level of HTML5/CSS3 advanced feature support as well as speed tests and recommendations for how to interact with site depending on device.
    Browser Test
  3. Puzzles: Daily Crossword and Sudoku widgets (basic embed styling only, puzzles themselves came from external source).
  4. Horoscopes: Daily Horoscopes using Feeds.
  5. Location Maps: Location-relevant maps (powered by HTML5 Geo-Location, GeoNames reverse geo-coding and OpenStreetMaps map API from MapQuest). The maps can be attached to a story using a geotag (latitude/longitude) and/or provide directions from a user's geo-location where appropriate.
  6. Movie Showtimes: Movie Showtimes by theater, scraped off of a variety of sources (i.e. Empire Theaters RSS feed and others).
  7. Comics: Script which could be dynamically called to grab Daily Comic images, flash embeds and other multimedia sources (scraping).
  8. Audio/Video Upload: Integration with Vzaar API for audio/video hosting and streaming requirements.
  9. Image Upload: Upload images to a "Public Reporter" album to later be picked up by reporters.
  10. Lotto: Lottery widget which pulls data from Atlantic Lotto's official winning numbers (
  11. RSS Ticker: Display RSS feeds in a self-updating ticker (a scrolling ticker was first researched then discarded in favor of the "fade" effect).
    RSS Ticker (fader)
  12. Stocks: Display the day's most relevant stock, market and currency data via the QuoteMedia REST API.
  13. Sports: Display the day's top sports stats, match-ups and betting odds via the ChalkGaming SOAP Web Service.
  14. Weather: Display the day's weather report via the Environment Canada Weather API.
  15. Google GeoLatitude: GeoLatitude is a custom Google API mashup (Google Latitude + Google Maps + HTML5 Geo-Location API) project which was required to parse the Google Geo-location KML (XML format), GeoRSS & GeoJSON response formats of these Google APIs, in order to integrate coordinates from Latitude Geo-location checkpoints, cache them in a local database for later visualization, and display them visually on a Google Map interface. In addition to coordinate (latitude and longitude) based lookups and visualizations, the Google map integration also had to support lookup by Street name, City name, Postal/Zip code and Country.
    Google Latitude Maps
  16. Yahoo! Search 3D: A 3D tag cloud showing terms searched using Yahoo! Content Analysis + Search Term Extractor + Web Search APIs, several main components of the larger Yahoo! BOSS API.
    Yahoo! Search widget
  17. Bing Search: A web search information retrieval widget to find interesting content (especially images) using Microsoft's Bing Search API. Images are the one search that Microsoft nailed, with their infinite scrolling and quick copy/paste, so those features are duplicated here in smaller more portable widget format.
    Bing Image Search widget
  18. Twitter: Yet another Twitter API client enabling search of Tweets by keyword for analyzing hot trends, accessing complete user timelines from discussions or username seaches, and posting status updates via the new OAuth2 Web Service API, implemented as you guessed it, a W3C Widget for the Apache Wookie project.
    Twitter API widget
  19. YouTube: Yet another YouTube API client for viewing videos from the site's massive collection by searching for keywords, or, entering a known playlist ID to play an entire playlist as a W3C Widget for the Apache Wookie project.
    YouTube API widget
  20. Flickr: Yet another Flickr API client for viewing photos from specific photostreams, users or searching by keyword. This time, it is no regular client but implemented as a cross-platform and portable W3C Widget for the Apache Wookie project.
    Flickr API widget
  21. Last.FM: AJAX and PHP versions of the Last.FM new Music API v2, created in 2006 and 2007 (respectively), before the official API implementations were released and stable. The AJAX client uses the new/improved Audioscrobbler service, while PHP uses version 2.0 of the REST Web Services API.
    Last.FM API widget
  22. iTunes: A searchable widget version of the iTunes store (implemented entirely in the browser in HTML5), powered by the iTunes API
    iTunes widget *experimental only*
  23. Goodreads: A personal collection listing and book finder widget, using CSS3 animations to give a new, yet more familiar spin on browsing for books.
    Goodreads Books widget
  24. Eventful: Eventful API listing basic event information using the AJAX library with a server-side PHP proxy to safely break the same-origin policy browser restriction. Initially developed for a client as a proof-of-concept.
    Eventful API widget
  25. LinkedIN Jobs: A real-time people search and Job listings widget to find interesting positions via the LinkedIN API.
    LinkedIN Jobs widget
  26. Wikipedia: A search widget with Auto-complete for searching the free online Encyclopedia, powered by the (unofficial) Wikipedia API
    iTunes widget
  27. LateRooms: An interactive PHP/AJAX widget for working with Hotel search results from the LateRooms Hotel Booking API.
    LateRooms Hotel Booking API
  28. Copyscape: Plagiarism Checker tool Copyscape, wrapped as a W3C Widget using AJAX to call its Web Service API via server-side PHP proxy.
    Copyscape Plagiarism checker
  29. Meditation Timer: This version of the original Flash-based JetCityOrange Meditation Timer was implemented as a thin-client mobile-compatible HTML5. It was created using HTML5 audio's JavaScript API, in particular to be run on the IPs (iPod/iPhone/iPad) and other HTML5-compliant browsers. The widget will fallback to the Flash version if HTML5 is not supported.
    JetCityOrange Meditation Widget
  30. Periodic Table: The perfect widget for studying the Periodic Table of Elements. It acheives the scaling, self-resizing effects courtesy of the Isotope jquery plugin, and also mashes this up with Audio readings of the element names courtesy of WebElements and more information from Wikipedia as well as Audio summaries of the elements.
    Periodic Table widget
  31. Feed Reader: A jQuery-powered RSS/Atom Feed reader using Google's Feed API as a JSONp wrapper for cross-site AJAX to display remote RSS and Atom feeds, crossing the same-origin sandbox securely (granted trust of Google and their "don't be evil" policy), without a server-side proxy.
    RSS Reader widget
  32. Permit Test: Driving Quiz wrapped as a W3C Widget with dynamic iFrame resizing and scaling.
  33. Wine Connoisseur: Snooth API wrapped as a W3C Widget for finding Wines by price, geographic location and other filters.
  34. Media Converter: Online-Convert API wrapped as a W3C Widget for converting files by media type (including: Documents, eBooks, Images, Audio and Video files). In total, over 75 formats are supported.


  1. GreenITers

    Green IT entails creating energy savings in/via existing and new electronic devices and/or using IT to save energy expenditures and more intelligently manage resources used on a daily basis by society. It is my firm belief that we can solve many if not most of our resource-related problems with modern technologies, but we must first be willing to do hard analysis and some trial & error real-world usage studies to make sure a given technology innovation truly reduces resource consumption. Once we find such technological innovations, it is equally important to let go of the ways of old (policy, regulations & laws). For example, Telecommuting alone could save SMBs over $436 Billion per year in energy consumption, absenteeism, lost productivity, office equipment & supply costs. GreenITers offers a public forum in which to discuss Green technologies and strategies for IT in a friendly environment with lots of smart people eager for intelligent debate.
    Green ITers

  2. WeiChin Kung Fu

    Training in the martial arts brings clarity to your thoughts and preciseness to your actions. I firmly believe it is important to keep one's body and not just one's mind, in fit condition, in order to ensure happiness and productivity in all one's life endeavours. Training in Kung Fu has opened my mind to a large number of possibilies which I may have deemed impossible before, and keeps me challenging myself on a regular basis.

  3. Judo NB

    Judo teaches not only discipline and respect, but perhaps most importantly, it teaches you how to use an enemy's over-assertive positive energy and destructive negative energy against them. This can be a very effective business strategy and has been dubbed the Judo Strategy
    Judo*(photo courtesy of judoinfo)


  1. The Semantics of MobileTV

    Communication Networks & Services Research - CNSR Conference (2008)
    Research paper accepted for the IEEE Publication of CNSR 2008.
    [Conference Link]


  1. MoMo Tokyo Peer Awards (2008)

    Runner-up in Best Student Start-up Concept Category
    Location: Shinsei Bank Head Office [GMAP]
    [Contest Link]

  2. Mobile Monday Toronto - Innovators' Forum (2008)

    Invited as a guest lecturer to close out the summer for MoMo Toronto.
    [Event Link]